The Adventure Begins

It has been 1 week since the official start of Missions Discipleship Training (MDT) in Germany. So far, we, the 6 participants, have read 2% of the Bible, walked a tightrope that was 4 stories high and travelled safely across an island in to avoid a volcano. Before continuing, let us address the question on everyone’s mind,  ‘why is this blog in English?’.  Could it be for half of this year's cohort German is not their mother tongue? Although true, that is not our reason. The hope is that in the upcoming years the participants will be equally diverse and that the program is accessible to everyone. As such, starting in 2017/2018 the entire MDT program will be led in English. The program’s goal remains to “challenge and equip young people to maintain a close relationship with Jesus and to live a missional life”. Going forward the only difference is that English will be the new team language. And in anticipation of this change, our blogs will be written in English and German.

The word of the week was team-building. Our MDT cohort is comprised of 6 very different people. There are three Germans, and three Auslanders [international people]. The two men, Hendrik and Finn are from Germany. As for the four ladies, Hannah is from Germany, Lea from Switzerland, Rebecka from Sweden and I, Justine, am from Jamaica.

Yes, team work makes the dream work, but it is still hard work. During glamping [glamour camping] in Lazy Town we uncovered who is action oriented, quiet,  a prayer warrior or worship leader. We all fell somewhere between these extremes, similar in our love for God and different in how we express it. In order to serve Jesus, along with five people,  I may have to let go of habbits that are founded more on cultural practice rather than  biblical truths.  I  look forward to building this type of messy unity during MDT.


The adventure continues,



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